Gaming Commission to Hold Public Hearing on Wynn, Gov. Baker Calls Allegations ‘Appalling’

In Massachusetts, when Charlie Baker dumps you, you’ve got big trouble. Weighing in on the allegations of sexual misconduct and assault against resort casino magnate Steve Wynn, Baker called the charges “appalling” and says he looks forward to the findings of a review by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission. Wynn’s company is currently constructing a $2.5 billion resort casino in Everett.



The state gambling commission will hold a public hearing on the situation Wednesday. “The Investigations and Enforcement Bureau immediately initiated a review of this matter to assess implications for ongoing suitability and investigators will provide the five-member Commission with a status update,” said commission spokeswoman Elaine Driscoll. “The Commission is profoundly aware of the gravity of this matter and will proceed with the appropriate sense of urgency and rigor.”

Wynn finds himself increasingly isolated following the explosive report Friday by the Wall Street Journal. He stepped down as finance chair of the Republican National Committee and various politicians who received campaign contributions from Wynn are donating the money to charity.

Mass. Gov. Charlie Baker addresses allegations against Wynn Resorts CEO Steve Wynn.

The gambling commission does not have any sort of criminal probe capability. Any action against Wynn would be based on the requirement of “suitability” of any gambling license holder in the state. “If they determine that those allegations are in fact true, that would not meet the suitability test, and it would then be incumbent on the Wynn corporation to make a decision about what it wants to do about that,” Gov. Baker said.

The prediction here is Wynn steps down as CEO of Wynn Resorts, or the board of the company dumps him if the gaming commission decides the company, as headed by Wynn, is no longer a suitable license holder. The company will push him off the cliff faster than security on a card counter the moment the massive Everett development comes even close to being endangered.

Meanwhile, other than a couple of tepid statements by city councilors, Everett city officials have been silent on the Wynn allegations and how they may impact the city. The mayor’s office says it has no comment.