City Council Tosses Ax-Throwing Bar Proposal to Licensing

Yes, it’s a thing. Ax-throwing bars are a relatively new trend and there is one planned for Everett. If you are thinking, “alcohol and throwing axes, what could go wrong?” you are not alone. Several members of the city council had somewhat bewildered looks on their faces as the council Monday voted to send a request for a license for an ax-throwing bar to the licensing board. Ultimately, the request’s fate lies with the state.

Revolution Axe is a business run by four Greater Boston-area partners who want to open an establishment that features alcohol and the throwing of axes. They’ve chosen an area in Everett becoming known as the Fermentation District. It already includes Night Shift Brewing, Bone Up Brewing, and Short Path Distillery. Revolution Axe plans to set up shop next door to indoor trampoline park Sky Zone and rock climbing gym MetroRock, according to

<<Bored? Try ax throwing!>>

Most of the space at the Revolution Axe bar will be for ax throwing — five throwing alleys, each with two targets and space at the end for bystanders. Beer and wine will be served once the company gets its licensing, according to

For those concerned with safety, no one gets to throw an ax without about 15 minutes of instruction and then some practice throws (15 whole minutes!). The throwing alleys will be partitioned-off to prevent axes from crossing lanes. Coaches (or axeperts) would be on hand at all times.

Ax throwing is new to Everett but it’s not new. In fact, such establishments have been around for quite some time. They are very popular in Canada (no, it’s not just all about the hockey and the curling) and have taken hold in Colorado, New York City. Basically, it’s darts except with gigantic, much-more-lethal darts, and substantially bigger targets.