EXCLUSIVE: Everett School System Faces Layoffs of 103 Staffers Including 67 Teachers Before the New School Year

After getting several financial boosts from the city in the current school year, Everett Schools Superintendent Fred Foresteire assured city residents he wouldn’t have to layoff any teachers or staff or return to the city council for more money. But what he didn’t say is that 103 positions—including 67 teachers—will be cut before school starts again this fall. Another infusion of cash is needed before the end of the summer or the positions will be cut according to sources in the school department.

Morale in the city school system is said to be extremely low and some workers are “distraught” according to those in the school system who spoke to The Everett Stimulus. on the condition of anonymity for fear of retribution from Foresteire.

The amount of money needed from the city to stave off the layoffs before September is said to be in the neighborhood of what the city appropriated back on February 13th—about $6.5 million.

Everett Schools Superintendent Fred Foresteire.

Back in February, Foresteire was saying the school needed an additional $9 million to avoid the layoff of 110 people from the department. That led to protests at city hall with sign-carrying students, parents and teachers demanding the city pony up the money and save the jobs. At a raucous city council meeting, Foresteire got $5 million.

After the vote, the superintendent specifically told The Everett Stimulus. that the $5 million would stave off layoffs for one month only. He then told the Everett Independent he would use money from the school revolving account to make up about $1.5 million and would rely on money not spent within the budget for the additional amount. If that is the case, why was he looking for $9 million from the city council in the first place?

Fast forward to today and just how much money Foresteire actually needs to avoid layoffs is again a moving target. All of this could come to a head Monday when members of the city council and school committee meet in joint session.

The problem with Foresteire Fuzzy Math is that no one except him really knows how much money is actually needed to avoid the layoffs. It can change by the day.

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