Beauty Abounds in Art Show Held at Parlin Library

If one needed a break from the world of politics and government, there was no better place Saturday than at the art show of regional artists presented by Everett resident Guerline Alcy. The show was held at the Parlin Memorial Library. There were sketches, paintings, drawings and even a sculpture.

Among the pieces that immediately stood out in the display was “Purple Night Melody” by Yves Rigaud.

“Purple Night Melody,” by Ives Rigaud.

The artists were predominately Haitian-America and of all ages. 11-year old Manny Pierre dazzled with his drawings, something he said he started when he was just 4-years old. Manny actually said he would continue his art as “a hobby” and his real passion is singing.

11-year old Emanuel Santana Pierre holds one of his drawings.

An engaging and super-talented high school student named Isabella Febbo had a number of pieces that were inspired by seeing herself in different settings. She said she many times used a mirror. Isabella is a student at Shawsheen Tech in Billerica. She is now pursuing animation and even had a computer on hand so folks could view he short piece entitled, “Smile.”

A table full of work from Shawsheen Tech High School student Isabella Febbo.

This is the third year Guerline Alcy organized the show. One after another, the people who came to see were amazed at the works. The artists in the show were: Isabella Febbo, Emmanuel Pierre, Edna Chery, A’key Peintre, Mim Legendre Desir, Nixon Leger,  Roberson Joseph, Yves Rigaud, Fabrice Dorante, Sylvestre Telfort.

Art show organizer Guerline Alcy actually wearing the art from the Haitian-American community.

There is certainly an argument to made that Everett deserves a permanent space for art in the community.