Where Will Loyalties Be? McGonagle Gets as Much Campaign Cash from Lobbyists as He Does from Everett Residents

State Rep. Joe McGonagle, whose reelection campaign prides itself as portraying him as a sort of Mr. Everett, has raised $39,000 in 2018 and 78 percent of it comes from outside Everett. He has also cultivated a strong network of lobbyists/special interests to fund his campaign. A total of $7,800 comes from lobbyists and not one of them lives in district. All this is according to independent analysis of publicly available campaign financial information filed with the state.

The numbers drip with irony in that McGonagle has done nothing to support legislation that would help people who came from outside Everett but live here now. Safe communities? No way. But he’ll take hundreds of dollars from a lobbyist and attorneys from Smith, Costello and Crawford, which, by the way, is a leading firm in the cannabis industry. What will McGonagle’s position be on that issue?

The most eye-popping number in McGonagle’s financial report is that his total take from lobbyists ($7,800) nearly matched his total take from the entire city of Everett residents ($8,550).

State Rep. Joe McGonagle.

Perhaps not expecting someone to actually look at the numbers, McGonagle’s campaign recently wrote on Facebook: “Some candidates will have outsiders come to town and tell you to vote for them. Here in Everett, we know that all politics is local…Joe gets the job done!”

Interesting take for a candidate who has received nearly 80 percent of his campaign money from outside the city and just as much money from lobbyists than Everett residents.

In this last week of campaigning, Joe McGonagle is a tougher and tougher sell.

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