VOTE! Capuano, Adrien the Right Choices

Everett residents are certainly presented with some interesting choices as primary day arrives. A spirited congressional race and a three-way state representative contest are being closely watched. The Everett Stimulus endorses Congressman Michael Capuano for reelection and Gerly Adrien for state representative.

The backing of Capuano comes for practical purposes—I see no reason to replace him. He is as progressive as they come, he’s effective and he is in good position to take an important leadership role should Democrats retake the House in November. He’s run the primary race hard, taking nothing for granted.

Congressman Michael Capuano and Boston City Councilor Ayanna Pressley.

Challenger Ayanna Pressley is impressive. The Boston city councilor is trying to ride a wave of I’m-not-waiting-my-turn that saw Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defeat ten-term incumbent Congressman Joe Crowley in New York. She’s young, smart and accomplished.

Choosing Adrien over incumbent state Rep. Joe McGonagle and former state Rep. Stat Smith is an easier call. She is ultra-qualified and accessible, something McGonagle can’t claim. Smith is well-liked and respected but I can’t support someone who went to prison for voter fraud.

Candidate for state repesentative Gerly Adrien.

Consider Adrien’s accomplishments:
• Manages a $10 million budget at Boston Medical Center for the Cancer and Sickle Cell Dept. with a staff of 3 people
• Trains people on fraud abuse, auditing, budget management and risk management
• Fought for and received $2.5 million in government funding and $750,000 in private funding for cancer, elderly, youth development, and community organizations
• Decreased budget deficits by $20,000+
• Donated and raised $28,000 for charities and non-profits
• Provides 4 youth summer jobs as a small business of Tipping Cow Ice Cream Shop
• Saved taxpayers $50,000 by implementing 2 recommendations at the Department of Defense for the Navy
• Landlord, who does not charge market rate
• Taught English and leadership technical skills to adults and youth, including orphans
• Donated backpacks filled with supplies for more than 100+ youth
• Hosted Elderly breakfast and dinner
• Organized youth events to improve relations with police officers
• Organized the community to fight against drug addiction
• Worked on the first partnership of affordable housing to increase homeownership

Elsewhere on the ballot, The Everett Stimulus supports:
• Jay Gonzalez, Democrat for governor
• Bill Galvin, secretary of state

But no matter who you support, be sure to vote.

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